Monday, March 20, 2017

Maker Mondays - with Erin from Nappy Cakes by Erin

Welcome to this week's instalment of the blog series - Maker Mondays.

Today's Maker is Erin from Nappy Cakes by Erin.

Please introduce yourself, and tell us what you create?

I'm Erin, a Mum of two, wife and Primary School teacher. I'm also the owner, designer and blogger of Nappy Cakes by Erin and the founder of Celebrate Play - a FREE series of content focusing on PLAY in the home. 

How long have you been designing nappy cakes?

I have owned Nappy Cakes by Erin for a couple of years now and founded Celebrate Play in 2017. 

Do you start with ideas or materials?

When designing our Nappy Cakes I often start with ideas which lead to seeking materials. However, when I'm making custom designs, the process is the opposite, starting with materials based on customer preference/s.

How relevant is social media to you?

Social media is quite relevant to my biz for a few reasons such as brand awareness, a portion of orders/sales and building a rapport with my readers and followers. 

Anything else to add? 

You can find To browse our collection or join in the celebration of play, come and visit at:

If you would like to be a 'Monday Maker' email me a

Monday, March 13, 2017

Maker Monday - with Kate from The Crow and Arrow


Welcome to this week's instalment of the blog series -

Today's Maker is Kate from the Crow and Arrow. Full disclosure, I have know Kate since she was born.. she is my sister! We have both been involved with various creative activities since childhood, and makes sense we now both work in creative industries!

Please introduce yourself, and tell us what you create?

My name is Kate and I am a mermaid who lost her tail! What do I do? Ever had an image in your head of the perfect floral headpiece, whether it be for a race function, bridal shower, wedding or a party, but would have no idea how to find it or to make it. Well that’s what I do. I make those day dreams into reality.

How long have you been making these dreams into reality?

I have been in the flower crown business since 2012, re branded as The Crow and Arrow in 2016

Do you start with ideas or materials?

Each piece is unique just as their new owner is, so each process is unique. Sometimes I start with ideas from inspirational photos from the customer, other times they may send me a picture of the outfit they intend to wear with it, or they may even just say the colour or the flower types they like and give me full creative rein. 
Each piece I send progression photos to the client to ensure it is exactly what they are after, sometimes it needs a few tweaks to their liking, other times they love it and nothing needs to be changed. 
All my pieces are made with quality materials. The flowers look so perfect they are often mistaken for real. But unlike real flowers that will wilt on the day and die over time, my pieces last forever, to look perfect on the day and be enjoyed again and again. 

The pieces themselves can take a couple of weeks as perfection takes times, which the customer understands. Many brides often contact me six months in advance to ensure I can make what they are after prior to their big day. 

How relevant is social media to you?

In the era, we live in social media is everything. It’s how an artist communicates their work to the world. I find Instagram the best medium to use, as it is a bounty of beautiful photographs with relevant tags to the end user. It makes having a portfolio accessible to the world, and without it I would not have sent half my pieces out internationally.  It also gives me a chance to see my customers wearing the pieces at their special event. All it needs is a tag I can see their photos! It makes it all worthwhile when you can see how happy they are wearing your designs. 

You can find Kate as The Crow and Arrow on Instagram, Etsy and Facebook;

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Textured Clutches!

I'm so pleased with how these chunky little purses have turned out. I'm already using one as my new hook case, and will be using one when I go out for dinner next!

The pattern is now avalaible in both my Ravelry and Etsy stores, and as a special thank you to my blog readers, use the code ' thankyou ' on Ravelry to get AU$2 off your purchase. This will make the download $1! (This is valid until Thursday 23rd March 2017- Midnight AEST)
(link to buy)

The pattern includes instructions for 2 clutches, with two variations of yarn, which is like 4 patterns in 1!

The clutches are 10 x 19 cm, so perfect for phone, keys and a card, or just the right size for your crochet hooks!

I have used Adelaide Hills Yarns, which are super bulky (5-6 wpi) and a 12mm hook

Monday, March 6, 2017

Maker Mondays - With Simone Bisson from Custom Room Plaques

Welcome to the second ever instalment of Monday Makers. Today I talk with Simone from Custom Room plaques. Simone has been a colleague (and gym buddy!) of mine for a few years, you may have seen some of her Christmas range on my instagram feed! 

Please introduce yourself, and tell us what do you create? 

I'm Simone from Custom Room Plaques and I create bespoke plaques, plates, lanterns and other made to order items. I work from home and sell via markets and also online. My items are almost always personalised with names, important family dates and are designed to be kept as beautiful keepsakes. I make a lot of seasonal holiday items. I love making something unique and not 'off the shelf' My other passions include my family, skincare, looking after myself and creating a healthier me. 

How long have you been making your custom items? 
2 1/2 years. My first items were name plaques - where the business name came from. I started with door plaques for my own kids, and found them to be very popular. The business started from there. 

Do you start with ideas or materials? 
Both. I use a wide variety of materials, sometimes a piece calls for hand lettering and that means you are creating something truly custom. Sometimes an order comes in as an idea and I work with the client from that.  

How relevant is social media to you? 
Very, it's how I get most of my work. You can find me pretty active over on Facebook or on instagram I take orders via either platform.

Thanks for chatting with us Simone!

If you would like to be one of our Monday Makers, please email me at

Monday, February 27, 2017

Wind Rose Heart - free pattern.

I've written up the pattern for the heart I shared on Instagram on Valentine's Day. I have named it

The Wind Rose Heart

Wind Rose is an old name for the compass points on a map, sometimes called a compass rose. The pattern uses spike stitches, and also back and front post stitches.

The pattern is available as a FREE PDF download on Ravelry >>If you would like to keep a copy in your library. 

download now

It is also typed out here:

Round 1: with light purple. Make a magic ring and chain three (counts as dc). 2dc, *2ch, 3dc, repeat from * two times. 2ch and sl st into 3rd chain. 

Round 2: Join Magenta. into any corner space. 3ch. 2dc 2ch 3dc into same corner space. *1ch, 3dc, 2ch, 3dc into next corner space. repeat from * two times. 

Round 3: Join Scarlet into any corner space. 3ch, 2dc 1ch, sp into centre, 1ch, 3dc, 
*1ch, 1dc, sp into centre, 1dc,
**1ch, 3dc, 1ch, sp into centre, 1ch, 3dc 
Repeat from * 2 more times, omitting from ** the second time. 

Round 4: Join Grey in any corner space. 3ch (counts as dc) 2dc, 3ch, 3dc, 1ch. *(3dc, 1ch) into next 2 spaces **(3dc, 3ch, 3dc) into next corner. repeat from * 2 more times omitting from ** the second time. 

Arches: Starting with grey, slip stitch in the chain space left of any corner. 8tr, into centre chain space. sl st into next chain space. 
Sl st across the top of the 3dc, and sl st into corner space. 
Turn work over. (Bptr, ch) 8 times, omitting final ch, sl st into conrer space
Turn work over . (fphdc 2ch) 8 times, omitting final 2 chains. sl st into corner space. 

Repeat into next side.

Edging: With scarlet, starting in the corner space opposite the arches (base of heart) sc into corner space, sc into each stitch and chain space, (2 sc into chain spaces of arches)